Bootstrapping 101 is for existing and wannabe small business owners.

It also is for the experienced corporate person who is ready to make the plunge into starting his/her own  business. It emphasizes proven, practical tips requiring little or no money and where and how to get free assistance. It shows entrepreneurs how to grow their business with less money than they thought they needed. It also steers them to free quality advice.

Topics covered include:

        • Cash free ideas on barter, publicity, advertising, the internet, selling, outsourcing, networking, factors
        • Acquiring and keeping customers
        • Places to find free, quality help
        • Maximizing profits through correct pricing
        • Creating and understanding a cash flow statement
        • Non-traditional ways to get money
        • Key factors for entrepreneurial success
        • Selling
        • Building trust
        • Testing
        • Converting fixed costs to convertible ones
        • Case study of a successful start-up

Recent Post from Bob’s Blog


Dealing with International Suppliers

March 8th, 2015

 Over the years I’ve outsourced many products to International Suppliers, mainly in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Jamaica, and China. I’ve met with many myths in dealing with them, such as they aren’t trustworthy, reliable, outsourcing is unpatriotic, etc. These attitudes discouraged many American Entrepreneurs from even trying to outsource in foreign countries despite the major benefits that could accrue to them and their customers I thought I would try to share the things I’ve learned in successfully dealing with overseas suppliers and developing strong positive relationships with them. Hopefully some of the tips can be of help to those stepping into the arena for the first time and those already doing business there to improve their experience. [...]

Tips for Getting An Appointment With a Busy Person

February 11th, 2015

  It is important to have a good state of mind when attempting to get appointments with busy, important people. First, do not take rejection (non-answering of your calls and correspondence) personally. Your target may literally get 50 plus requests a day for an appointment. This is in addition to their regular extreme workload. Your challenge is to cut through this clutter. Stay upbeat. Never get angry. Follow up, be persistent, be creative. Be patient. Be confident. Be energetic. Smile. (Yes, you can sense a smile on the phone or through the written word.) Don't let Fear of Failure stop you from pursuing these hard to get appointments. A failure to secure the appointment can be a learning experience for your next attempt. Keep in m[...]

The Value of Reading Bootstrapping 101

January 5th, 2015

        Right up front….I'm Selling. From all my visits to University Entrepreneurship classes, mentoring,readings and 16 start-ups, I'm aware of the knowledge gaps of many people going into their own business or trying to grow or sustain one. They are generally good at creating Business Plans, Power point presentations and theoretical's, all of which are important  but not enough in my opinion. I find them weak on the unsexy tools that can be critical in determining success or failure…..such as Selling, Sales Reps,Factors, Testing, Variable costs, Barter, Incubators and many others, besides sources of Free help like SCORE, Mentors, SBDC, Relationships etc.         These factors inspired me to write my pract[...]