Bootstrapping 101 is for existing and wannabe small business owners.

It also is for the experienced corporate person who is ready to make the plunge into starting his/her own  business. It emphasizes proven, practical tips requiring little or no money and where and how to get free assistance. It shows entrepreneurs how to grow their business with less money than they thought they needed. It also steers them to free quality advice.

Topics covered include:

      • Cash free ideas on barter, publicity, advertising, the internet, selling, outsourcing, networking, factors
      • Acquiring and keeping customers
      • Places to find free, quality help
      • Maximizing profits through correct pricing
      • Creating and understanding a cash flow statement
      • Non-traditional ways to get money
      • Key factors for entrepreneurial success
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Testing…. Crucial for Small and Large Companies

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Last year I wrote a blog on Testing. . .Reduces Risk and Maximizes Success. It was geared to small Business. I said, “Large companies can absorb a failed product. Small company failures can be fatal. Now I would like to focus on two very large entities who neglected to test their ideas and paid a heavy price due to their ideas’ failure, which could easily have been avoided by testing.

JC Penney

JCP is a large national retailer who has been eminently successful for decades. The 1100 stores can be found in most American cities. In November of 2011, their Board decided to replace their CEO and bring in Ron Johnson as the new CEO to reinvigorate their lagging growth. Johnson had previous success as vice president of Target, but he really made his reputation for the remarkable job he did in heading up the creation and sales of Apple retail stores. In malls where Apple stores were located, customers waited in line to get into Apple stores while the rest of the retailers in the mall were absent any meaningful traffic.  […] Read more »