Bootstrapping 101 is for existing and wannabe small business owners.

It also is for the experienced corporate person who is ready to make the plunge into starting his/her own  business. It emphasizes proven, practical tips requiring little or no money and where and how to get free assistance. It shows entrepreneurs how to grow their business with less money than they thought they needed. It also steers them to free quality advice.

Topics covered include:

        • Cash free ideas on barter, publicity, advertising, the internet, selling, outsourcing, networking, factors
        • Acquiring and keeping customers
        • Places to find free, quality help
        • Maximizing profits through correct pricing
        • Creating and understanding a cash flow statement
        • Non-traditional ways to get money
        • Key factors for entrepreneurial success
        • Selling, Building trust, Testing
        • Converting fixed costs to convertible ones
        • The R&R case study of Harvard Business School of Bob Reiss’ company is one of their all time Best Sellers and is included in the appendix.


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Relationships and Trust

November 14th, 2017

  You often hear that “It’s not what you know but who you know.” There is some truth to this. It is human nature to favor people who are friends, who have helped you in the past, who are recommended by friends or by people you respect, etc. That is not to say that they will give you a job, place an order, or do other favors if they think you are incompetent, unprepared, or lack integrity. Good relationships can open doors and can offer you new opportunities. Strong relationships can last a lifetime. Good relationships are the key to effective networking. Networking is an activity/word bandied about as essential to business success. I would not go that far. Let’s first talk about what it is and isn’t. Webster’s dictionary defin[...]