Bootstrapping 101 is for existing and wannabe small business owners.

It also is for the experienced corporate person who is ready to make the plunge into starting his/her own  business. It emphasizes proven, practical tips requiring little or no money and where and how to get free assistance. It shows entrepreneurs how to grow their business with less money than they thought they needed. It also steers them to free quality advice.

Topics covered include:

        • Cash free ideas on barter, publicity, advertising, the internet, selling, outsourcing, networking, factors
        • Acquiring and keeping customers
        • Places to find free, quality help
        • Maximizing profits through correct pricing
        • Creating and understanding a cash flow statement
        • Non-traditional ways to get money
        • Key factors for entrepreneurial success
        • Selling
        • Building trust
        • Testing
        • Converting fixed costs to convertible ones
        • Case study of a successful start-up

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Reps, Bootstrapping, and The Harvard Business School

July 10th, 2015

The below article was published by MANA, the largest Sales Rep association in the country. It shares Professor Gary Naumann's excellent treatise on the Relevance of the R&R, HBS case on its 30th anniversary. Regular readers of Agency Sales magazine know Harvard MBA Bob Reiss as a “super-rep” whose business successes were so innovative that they were featured in a Harvard Business School case study titled “R&R” after the name of Reiss’ rep firm. Decades later, that entrepreneurship case study remains one of Harvard’s top-selling teaching aids used in business school curricula across the globe. Much of Reiss’ successes revolve around his practice of “bootstrapping,” sharing risks and rewards with carefully chosen partners rather [...]

" Just Ask"

June 29th, 2015

LEAVE  YOUR  COMFORT  ZONE  FOR  BOLD  REQUESTS I believe that people must periodically step outside of their comfort zone to grow as a company and a person. In fact, as you do this, you will discover that your comfort zone expands. Doing this will empower you to request bold things that may elicit comments from your peers and associates like “outrageous, overreach, impossible.” You can overcome these naysayers and your own inclination of fearing failure by your preparation for this bold request, which I like to call Just Ask. Acquiring intense knowledge of the person you are asking and their company, industry, and needs are what I mean by preparation. This knowledge will allow you to offer something of value to induce the granting of yo[...]

Ideas to Start a New Business or Product

June 11th, 2015

In my many years of speaking to MBA classes and mentoring young people, the question that comes up the most is How Do I Find An Idea to Start a Business! This same question was put forth asking for ideas to create a new product. I believe the answers are the same as for a company with probably less risk involved. There is no simple answer to this question just as there are multiple ways to solve a business problem. There is no one correct answer as your solution will depend on your resources, the experience and knowledge you bring to the table, the seriousness of the problem, which would dictate how much time you have to solve it, etc. That said, let’s shed some light on answering the question. Here’s my approach. List common answers wi[...]