Qwik Tips for Entrepreneurs

For: Existing and Wannabe Entrepreneurs, Those Teaching it, Students…
and Friends or Associates who can benefit

This is to announce a new feature for those starting and growing a business. It will appear regularly on the home page of my Bootstrapping 101 website. It is to share with Entrepreneurs and wannabe’s or anyone else you think can benefit. I call it Qwik Tips for Entrepreneurs. They will be mostly one sentence Tips that you can read quickly but stay with you for the long haul. A new Tip will be added twice a week and when a new one is added the old one is relegated to an archive of all prior Tips. Many Tips will have a link to a germane article. There is no sign-up or cost, so no passwords to remember and the highest security is achieved. Tips cover a wide spectrum of subjects like Practical, Relationships, Strategic, Emotional,Mental, Trust, Money, Risk, Common Sense, Profits, etc. Here are some of the reasons I think these Tips will benefit readers and here is link to the current Tip: www.bootstrapping101.com

  • Most students and Entrepreneurs are pressed for time and because of it their to do reading lists continue to grow. One Tip can be absorbed in seconds.
  • Many experts say the key to the success of a new venture is a good idea and execution of same. I believe the execution part is most times the key. These Tips address the wide range of elements to execute. Some can remind you of ideas you forgot, some are on subjects you would like to learn about, some can instigate meaningful dialogue with your stakeholders, friends, experts and mentors.
  • Some Tips can incentivize you to google the subject, read an article or book, attend a seminar or webinar or other ways to learn more of the subject.
  • Many Tips can be the beginning of a fruitful idea that can be a winner for you.
  • Many Tips can be of value to those working for others and for one’s personal life.

Yes, I think it’s a good idea to spend 30 seconds two times a week to read a Tip.
Your comments will be read and appreciated.
Bob Reiss



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